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process after murkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge related to false imprisonment in a domestic violence charge with his wife eliana. the supervisors vote 4-1 that uphold the charge of official misconduct. the chair of that presented his dissenting view saying he presented personal misconduct, not official misconduct. but the city says he can't be sheriff while on probation and attending domestic violence programs he oversees. before the hearing, they had a rally for murkarimi and his wife. murkarimi says he is ready to get back to work. >> i'm glad we're at this chapter. and i can only hope and we can only hope for a just outcome. and, you know, this amazing crowd, i think reflects the bright spots that haven't been well told in the media and that is how many people throughout all quarters of san francisco believe what has occurred was wrong and that they call for my
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reinstatement. >> 52 weeks of mandatory domestic violence counseling, again, in the company of the very people whose imprisonment recently supervised if they have recently been released from jail. >> reporter: this hearing is expected to last several hours. nine of the 11 supervisors must vote to uphold the charge of official misconduct for murkarimi to be removed from office. otherwise he will be reinstated. now at this point, arguments inside city hall have wrapped up, and public comment is about to begin. i'm told dozens of people are lined up, interested in weighing in on the board of supervisors' decision on the future of sheriff ross murkarimi. we'll have an update for you tonight at 6:00. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay, jean, we'll see you then. former coach jerry sandusky was sentenced today to 30 to 60 years in jail for sexual abusing ten boys.
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and while it may appear that today marked the end to a sad story, the prosecution says not so fast. they're still investigating the case to see if there are other victims out there. nbc's brian mooar was in the courtroom when the convicted coach and some of those he hurt spoke out. >> reporter: jerry sandusky left the courthouse to begin what amounts to a life sentence behind bars. the former penn state football coach, one hailed as a hero on the gridiron, now officially laked a violent sex predator under pennsylvania law. before sentencing, sandusky delivered a rambling 15-minute statement. he choked with emotion as he talked about smiling through his pain. and he declared himself a victim, repeating claims of innocence he made in a radio statement on the eve of sentencing. >> they can treat me as a monster, but they can't take away my heart. in my heart i know i did not do these alleged disgusting acts. >> reporter: the prosecutor
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called sandusky's statements ridiculous. >> his statement today was a masterpiece of denial, self-delusion. completely untethered from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility. >> reporter: sandusky's defense team says it's going to appeal the conviction. >> we believe had we had the time, we would have had an opportunity to prove jerry's innocence. >> reporter: judge john cleland called the case a story of betrayal, and told sandusky you abused the trust of those who trusted you. the former coach was convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse on ten young boys he met through the second mile, his charity for underprivileged youth. a flurry of sandusky's victims confronted him in the courtroom. one stared directly at the defendant as he said we both know exactly what happened. you should be ashamed of yourself. another sobbed as he told the court of his abuse, and his harrowing road to recovery, saying i've not by any means arrived, but i've certainly
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left. brian mooar, nbc news, belafonte, pennsylvania. back here at home, antioch police are investigating a horrific scene near an antioch elementary school this morning. a crossing guard and two others, including her young son were hurt when a speeding car slammed into them this morning. the crash happened near turner elementary. an suv swerved around a stopped car at a high rate of speed and hit another car before the driver lost control and hit three people. the driver, 22-year-old michael ratliff was arrested. witnesses who saw the whole thing were horrified. >> i was walking to the light. i was where the green thing. and she saw me, and she pushed the button. and all of the sudden i hear and see all this happen right in front of my face. >> what did you see? >> the car hit them. they went flying through the air. just hit them, bam. >> reporter: no brakes, nothing? >> no. going as fast as he could. >> we do suspect the driver of the suspect vehicle, both the
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driver and the passenger fled from the vehicle. the one individual returned. he is in his early 20s, claimed to be the driver there is evidence of objective symptoms of intoxication. >> the two adults were airlifted to a trauma center with severe injuries. the young boy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. decision 2012 now. president obama tonight campaigning in the battleground state of ohio. but he left the bay area this morning with a war chest that is $3.2 million fatter from the san francisco fundraisers alone. after a debate in denver, mitt romney soared past barack obama in a new poll and gallup survey. but gallup pollsters are now seeing romney's numbers slip down. >> definitely he got a bump. however, as we continue the track at gallup friday, saturday, sunday, we think some of that bump is dissipating. >> also today the producers of "sesame street" say they do not want big bird at the center of the presidential campaign. they asked president obama's
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campaign team to stop airing an ad which responds to mitt romney's vow to end federal funding for public broadcasting. at uc davis, a high profile rally featuring former president bill clinton underscore the importance both parties place on california's congressional races. the former president was the headliner. the mission was to boost the profile of sacramento area incumbents. sharing the stage challengers in two others am my berra a. workers could soon see a boost in the magic. the city could join a handful of others by creating its own pay floor for residents. san jose's minimum wage currently stands at $8, but would get a bump up to $10 if measure d is approved at the polls next month, and would rise every year with inflation. if it passes, many small businesses fear they'll have to lay off employees, cut hours, and pass on higher prices to their customers.
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matt mahood, president of the silicon valley chamber of commerce says an independent study just commissioned by the chamber forecasts a similar outcome. >> the general conclusion is if you raise the minimum wage by 25% immediately in the city of san jose, that you're going to lose jobs, and it's going to be significant. and it's actually going to hurt the people that it's intended to help. >> the chamber of commerce opposed measure d before the results of the report. do the figures and predictions check out? investigative reporter sam brock takes a closer look in tonight's reality check, coming up at 6:00. happening now. lots of excitement. lots of frayed nerves for bay area baseball fans as both the a's and the giants face win or go home games today. the giants are on the road in cincinnati. right now they're in the seventh inning. the giants are tied up with the reds, one run apiece. as for the a's, tonight they will host the detroit tigers, and it's do or die.
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oakland must win tonight or see their dream system come to an abrupt end. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at the coliseum with a preview of tonight's pressure-filled game. jodi? >> reporter: the a's may be down, but fans say they are certainly not out. fans are confident the underdog team can pull off a three-game sweep here at home starting with the win here at the coliseum tonight. now we caught up with the team on the field this afternoon as they warmed up for tonight's big game against the detroit tigers. after losing two games on the road, it is do or die for the a's tonight. but fans say they're not worried. after watching the team come from behind last week, fans say they are certain they can do it again. now the a's have the home field advantage, and fans say they are ready to do their part to help the team score a win. >> we're not scared. down 2-0, we're coming back. we're not even tripping. we're at the house. we've got all the vibes from everyone out here, in there.
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we got nothing but young cats on this team who are not scared to come play baseball. let's go, right now, a's. >> they swept texas to make it here. and i think they're going to do the same thing tonight and tomorrow and thursday. i'm going to be here on thursday to watch them do it. and it's going to be amazing, amazing! >> reporter: now the stadium will be packed tonight. the 35,000-seat coliseum we understand is sold out. meanwhile, fans outside the coliseum are fired up tonight. they say they are ready to give the team whatever boost they can from the fans. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> fingers crossed for both home teams, both the giants and a's tonight. >> they are fired up. all right. still ahead, hiv testing in the privacy of your own home. what happened today that some experts say could be a game-changer in the fight against aids. and must-see tv.
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this is something you don't normally see. a tv host faints on air. plus -- >> if this was a drug, this would be like -- they would be prescribing this. >> well, he may work as an attorney. but medicine may be his true calling. our bay area proud will introduce you to a man who is helping heal through music. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking a few potential first fall showers as that radar stands around right now. most of it is offshore. we're going to tell you the best chance of getting any of that. plus, as we just heard, the oakland a's versus the tigers tonight. temperatures in the mid 60s with a bit of cloud cover. we're back with that full seven-day forecast in just a few minutes.
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for the first time, hiv tests can be bought now at drug stores nationwide and used in the privacy of your own home with the results in just a half
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an hour. the oral swab test will help those who don't know if they're hiv positive. it looks for hiv antibodies in the body, and not exactly the virus itself. it also gives those who are reluctant to go to the doctor a way to check their hiv status at home. this is the same screening tool used by doctors in offices for the last ten years. and more recently, as a pilot program in some drug stores. the test costs about $40. the rising gas prices may be slowing, but pump prices are still at a record high here in california. the aaa daily fuel gauge report says the average price of regular unleaded jumped just a fraction of a cent overnight, compared with nearly 50 cents in the past week. the state average is now at $4.67 a gallon, an all-time high for california. some good news, though, the fresno farm bureau doubts the high fuel cost will increase food prices. right now they're hoping gas and diesel prices will stabilize. if they don't, growers will
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probably just absorb the higher transportation costs so they can keep the prices of their products competitive. san francisco's food bank is feeling needy itself after losing some critical funding. the food bank learned it was denied a federal fema funding for a second year in a row. the organization's director says the feds based their funding on unemployment and poverty rates. san francisco and marin were the only counties in the bay area that did not qualify. the director says the federal formula is unfair, and that despite statistics, san francisco and marin still have hundreds of thousands of people in need. anyone who has ever spent time in a hospital knows that a so-called private room isn't really that private. a steady stream of doctors, nurses and technicians come and go, often performing less than pleasant tasks. >> at one hospital in san francisco, there is a group that provides some very welcome interruption. garvin thomas is here to show us one man who is making patients feel better one song at a time. >> reporter: jessica, every single member of michael
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hamilton's family has had or is planning on a career in medicine. in his immediate family alone there are two doctors, two nurses and a perspective medical student. now michael himself works in the health care arena, but doesn't have direct contact with patients, at least in his job he doesn't. what he does in his free time, well, that's tonight's bay area proud. >> for example, the boston one that came back there is that data. >> reporter: michael hamilton is a attorney for mckesson, a san francisco-based pharmaceutical distribution company. >> what is happening now is a big change for them. >> reporter: he is also the rebuttal witness to every lawyer joke you have ever heard. >> thanks, jenny, that's sweet. >> reporter: that's because while michael spends his workweek helping his company safely get drugs to the people who need them, on the weekend michael likes to deliver his medicine -- >> let's do -- >> reporter: in person. ♪ headed down south to the land of the pine i'm thumbing my way
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to north carolina. >> reporter: every saturday, he becomes michael hamilton the musician. part of the hospital's music is good medicine program. ♪ >> reporter: free, private in-room performances for patients who think music makes the best bedside manner. >> hey, johnson. >> reporter: michael only started playing guitar three years ago. he says he began with visions of one day performing in front of large adoring crowds. ♪ sometimes i find i get to thinking of the past ♪ >> reporter: after his first visit to the hospital, though, michael saw how much more powerful an audience can be than an audience of one thousand. >> i have a feeling like it's going to sustain them in some way. it's going to help them through what they're going through. ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah
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>> reporter: chaplain peggy walker coordinates the program and sings harmony. >> what happens is magic. what happens is transformative. what happens is inexplicable. ♪ hallelujah, hallelujah >> reporter: peggy says in these rooms she has seen not only spirits rise, but vital signs improve. >> if this was a drug, they'd be prescribing this. >> reporter: the good will clearly flowing both ways. and by the time the songs are done, patients are not the only ones feeling better. >> you're walking on a cloud after you do that. i mean it's this incredible high, this feeling that you get when you're here that i don't get anywhere else. ♪ hallelujah >> music is good medicine is run by the spiritual care services
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at ucsf medical center. they're looking for volunteers, by the way. and it's run through the spiritual center, and the chaplain was there. she goes along for each one of the performance, often because the emotions that are brought up, either from the patient or the musician are so strong, that they need somebody there to talk with and kind of guide them through the whole process. >> i'm sure it brings up some sort of a release. >> yes, for the patients and the musicians as well. >> what a wonderful program. thanks for sharing. thanks, garvin. if you have a story idea that makes you bay area proud we want to know about it. just go tower website, bay area all right. jeff ranieri, meteorologist jeff ranieri is back with news the studios today. the last diecays out there in t ambience, one with the weather. >> four days off around the bay area and it fee like a couple of weeks. we have this slow and stubborn system we're tracking offshore. we have plenty of cloud cover we're monitoring, but most notably some first fall showers developing about 150 miles offshore. here is the thing for tonight.
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as we put this into motion, a love of activity moving from the north to the south. there is some hope coming in that forecast. let's take a look at this fall rain. it's been very slow to start, at least for this season. this time last year san francisco had some of the most rainfall, with over 1 inch. but this year, double zeros right now. we haven't picked up anything so far this season. but there is a little bit of that hope and promise in this forecast this week. a slight chance of showers as you head in throughout tomorrow. for fall and also winter, we continue to remain under an el nino watch, which definitely could mean some stronger and also wetter systems. right now most of the temperatures below average including the south bay with plenty of widespread 60s from san jose to cupertino. let's take you outside on this tuesday. really no sign of any storm system at least from this view. a lot of sunshine, a slight onshore flow. but over the next 24 hours, we'll have a chance of few showers increasing. let's get you back into the
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weather boards. we have this huge expansive system sitting out here, a sign of the storm door starting to open up. we may get a small slice of this by friday. but first we have to get through a little bit of a speed bump as we head throughout today and tomorrow's forecast. spotty activity as we mentioned in the forecast. also keep temperatures a little bit below average. we're looking at mainly 50s and 60s up against the coastline. and for the interior valleys 60s and 70s, and the fog will also be back in the morning. so let's pinpoint this shower activity we've been mentioning for tonight. all of it staying offshore, and also to the south. but then as we advance this into wednesday afternoon, about 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00, models start to bubble up. a little shower activity in the east bay. i think it's overdoing it a little bit. but definitely cannot rule out maybe some showers for tomorrow. then as we head throughout thursday, even some first snowfall here expected across yosemite. from 1 to 3 inches, at least at this point. daytime highs in the south bay 57 in los gatos. 37 in redwood city.
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57 in livermore and 73 in santa rosa. and in your three-day forecast, we'll hold the mid-70s all the way through friday, a slight chance of showers returning for friday as well. only about a 25% possibility at this point. and then as we head throughout next week we start to warm things up. so ladies, no major storm system we're watching right now. but don't be surprised tomorrow if we do get some first fall rain drops. we need it. >> we will be prepared. thanks, jeff. >> sure. the show must go on. still ahead, a tv host passes out on air. but it's what her co-host did that has a lot of people talking. and when money is no option, after the break, we'll take a look at some of the most outrageous gifts that you can find only one place. good morning! wow.
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want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah.
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it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. some scary moments on qvc as one of their hosts collapsed on live tv. cassie slain was selling a product with her co-host when she began slurring her words. she then clutched her chest and
5:24 pm
fainted. the camera quickly cut to a shot of the product as you can see while her co-host asked if she was okay, and then he just continued pitching the item. it is unclear why slain fainted, but she wrote on her facebook page that she is feeling a lot better. >> that's good to hear. with only 76 days until christmas, believe it or not, not too early to start thinking about shopping, especially neiman marcus. the luxury retailer unveiled its annual christmas book today. the catalog is known for featuring expensive fantasy gifts, perfect for the person who has everything. these his and hers diamond set van cleef & arpel watches. or for 30 grand you can have a chance to have a walk-on in the role of the broadway musical "annie." i would like that. how about this mclaren spyder? there are only 12 and they each cost $304,000. >> i'm sorry, jesse, i can can only afford buy you the catalog. >> we'll be right back.
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miguel coming up next on "nightly news," putting the brakes on mom and dad. it's one of the most difficult decisions a family can face, if and when it's time to take the car keys away from aging parents. now doctors are playing a bigger role. police drone flying in the skies over one bay area community. the pilot program for the pilotless plane that is starting soon. learn where, why, and how your privacy may be affected. >> wow. >> very interesting story. it's all coming up next. and we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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